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Racial Profiling and Our Youth

Time to Wake Up! Protecting our Black Youth from Racial Profiling “Racial profiling is a longstanding and deeply troubling national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a “post-racial era.” It occurs every day, in cities and towns across the country, when law enforcement and private security target people of color for humiliating […]

Out of the Darkness

Hank Buckwalter, his wife, Chelsea, and Rommie and I participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk this past weekend at Waterfront Park. It can be emotionally overwhelming to be in a gathering of people that are celebrating the lives and passing of their loved ones. I listened as the “Honor Beads” were given to […]

Seduced by Sugar

“Prone to Wander, Oh I Feel it, Prone to Eat the Sugar I love!” I’m not sure the hymn writer intended their song to be used to illustrate the temptations of sugar, but I had to give it a try. It may not be right, but it feels right.  We are constantly seduced by sugar. […]

Thoughtful Eating

We take food for granted.  I know there are people in our country that are hungry. I work with many people on reduced incomes and I see them struggle to make ends meet. Poverty continues to pose a challenge for our country. Despite this, children and adolescents in low-income families are more likely to be […]

In Defense of Doughnuts

In Defense of Doughnuts (or is it Donuts?) I was preparing for a trip to Colorado, to visit some family, when my wife and I decided we wanted a donut to celebrate. It sounds silly and somewhat contradictory, considering the number of blogs that I’ve written about the evils of sugar. We made a trip […]

The Culture of Sugar

cul·ture /ˈkəlCHər/ Culture is a word for the ‘way of life’ of groups of people, meaning the way they do things… Sugar has become a “way of life” in modern America! Why is it so difficult to cut back on, avoid, or cut out sugar in America? The simple answer: It’s everywhere and in everything. But the […]

The Sweetening of America

I DO NOT think that there is a sugar “conspiracy” in America. I DO think, however, the food industry and sugar producers have realized that they can make lots and lots of money by adding sugar to the foods we eat. Good Calories, Bad Calories Gary Taubes, in his book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, […]

We Love Our Sugar! But Are We Addicted To It?

A good friend shared a saying that goes like this: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!” I’ve discovered through the years that for many, many people, sugar tastes better than skinny feels. It’s like an addiction. Cassie Bjork, RD. LD, founder of Healthy Simple Life writes that, “Sugar activates the opiate receptors in our […]

Little Sugar Addicts

I think most people believe that our children are eating too much sugars (Just maybe not the people in the food or sugar industry.)  I suspect even these “sugar pushers” believe their children are eating too much sugar. They are not monsters. In her book “Little Sugar Addicts,” Kathleen DesMaisons believes (as the title implies) that […]