Teen Group Therapy

Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness is a beneficial practice for people of every age, but may be especially useful to teenagers. Not only does it help teens improve their ability to focus, but it also increases empathy and self-control.  Through a group setting, we’ll help your teenager establish a mindfulness practice that can help them learn how to let go and tune in by gaining awareness of their present state of mind.

Teen Dating & Relationships

While teenagers learn many important skills from their relationships, including romantic ones, the world of teen dating can be incredibly complex. Through this group, we’ll help teens learn about how to build healthy relationships based on mutual respect and honest communication. We’ll also address online dating and the pressures of social media.

Peer Pressure

Most teenagers spend a lot of time concerned about how to fit in with their peers.  In fact, the desire to fit in can seriously alter how a teenager thinks and acts. The 24/7 nature of social media only adds to this age-old pressure. This group will explore the power of peer pressure while also teaching teenagers valuable coping skills such as mindfulness.

Substance Use/Vaping

Teenagers are vulnerable to substance use and addiction issues for a variety of reasons. Not only are teens more likely than other age groups to engage in high risk behaviors, but their developing brains are more prone towards dependence and addiction. Through this group, teens will get to speak honestly about their experiences and the challenges they face, while also learning important coping skills, paired with facts about alcohol, vaping and drug use.

Depression & Anxiety

Many teenagers struggle with depression and anxiety at some point. The pressures of school performance, social status, family expectations and more can sometimes make teens feel inadequate, hopeless and withdrawn. Through this group, teenagers will learn how to talk about their experiences while developing mindfulness skills that cultivate a sense of belonging and stability.

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