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Easy Does It!

true north therapyIt disturbs me when I hear clients tell about previous therapy sessions, therapists, or treatment programs that have told them, “This is going to get worse before it gets better!”

Certainly, things might get worse, but they don’t have to. We at True North believe in the “easy does it” approach to therapy. As a younger therapist, I tried the “hardcore” or “double down” approaches to bringing change in the lives of individuals and families. I learned that those approaches do not respect people. And typically, they do not teach people to respect each other.

A slower, kinder and gentler approach to therapy helps people change.

At the same time, focus on maintaining important bonds and positive feelings that they have for each other.

Going slow doesn’t mean that it will take longer to see positive change. Slowing things down often prevents the damage that can take place in a faster, harsher approach to therapy.

We at True North see ourselves as Change Agents. There is a pace and a cadence to change that you and your family can tolerate. We will work with you to find them. We will nurture you through this process, slowly.

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