Hank Buckwalter, LCSW

Executive Director
Principal Clinician

Hank has experience empowering various populations throughout his 8+ years working in mental health. This includes working with teens, adults, individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities, families, and brain injury survivors while implementing Evidence-Based Practices.

“I love how I’m able to make a difference in the lives of people that need and ask for help. I also highly enjoy meeting and working with individuals in order to improve their lives so they can flourish and reach their potential. The dynamic is amazing and no day is the same!”

More About Hank:

  • My Interests: Many!
  • My Superpower: The ability to do household chores.

Hank’s Favorites:

  • Book: The Lord of the Rings Series
  • Album: Pink Floyd’s Pulse
  • Hero: My Grandfather, Bud Lomell
  • Superhero: Wolverine

Hank’s Contact Information

Email: hank.buckwalter@truenorththerapylouisville.com
Phone: (502) 377-4814