Free Online Support Groups Available

As public health and government officials encourage social distancing to reduce the spread and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), social connection can suffer. With the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus continuing to mount, it is especially important that people have a space where they can get support from each other. True North Counseling is excited to offer free virtual support groups to help people connect while also flattening disease spread and impact.

Online Support Groups Encourage Social Connection and Social Responsibility

The support groups will not be therapy sessions, instead operating as confidential and non-judgmental meetings where people support each other as they experience the coronavirus pandemic. Each support group will be led by one of True North’s licensed or certified therapists. Group meetings will take place via Zoom and last about an hour. Groups will be limited to five people, and assembled based on a number of factors including age.

Group meetings will be flexibly scheduled based on participants’ availability over the next several weeks. Caregivers, people who have lost their jobs, teenagers, seniors, and all people struggling to cope with added anxiety are especially encouraged to join. 

“We want to give back to this community and offer these groups without any fees or deductibles.” said Mark Neese, Principal Therapist at True North Counseling. “People are struggling to make it through these tough times and we simply want to help.”

Contact True North Counseling to sign up for a support ground today.