True North Child Therapy

What is True North?

true northTrue North differs from Magnetic North. Basically, it is a fixed point where the latitude lines meet. Magnetic North changes every day.

In our lives, we seek out things that will make us happy or hope will make us happy. We discover later, instead, that we are headed in a direction that creates chaos and unhappiness.

Think about True North as a direction or journey.

One that helps us discover a life that is lived consistently with our values, passions, ambitions, and emotions.

When the “real you” is lived consistently with the things that you value, the things that are in your heart, you are headed “True North.”

However, life can be complicated and confusing. Things pull us off course. There are distractions. There are losses. We have relationships that create conflict. We have family members that are in distress. Life loses its luster and we find ourselves in despair.

True North Counseling is a place that can help you restart your journey.

We listen. Our staff can help you rediscover the adventure of living.

Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure.” Here was a person that discovered how to live life despite her very severe disabilities. We hope that we can help you, in light of your obstacles, discover how to live life and find your True North.

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