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Body-Mind Connection

body-mind connectionI remember sitting in the conference room during college; maybe February 1980. I know, I’m ancient. But the speaker made this point. Our bodies and our minds are so closely connected that they catch each other’s diseases. Today we call it the body-mind connection.

The practical application of this statement is that you can affect your mental wellbeing by addressing your physical wellbeing and vice versa. A poorly maintained body can and, most likely, does create mental health problems. This includes a lack of exercise and poor nutrition. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a good gut-health promotes positive wellbeing. It can also be said that exercise can create a state of euphoria.

Because of this connection, I decided that counseling, although very important, was not enough to help people find peace and serenity. I decided to seek out additional interventions and certifications to address this body-mind connection and became a nutritional and fitness professional.

At True North Counseling, we believe that people benefit from counseling that addresses the whole person. This means helping people “map out” a journey that involves eating that promotes a healthy body, a moderate exercise plan, and the practice of mindfulness. We are guides for you on this journey and we practice it every day in our own lives.

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