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Darkness Approaching… How to Manage Seasonal Depression (SAD)

Seasonal Depression, also referred to as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, is approaching us with the start of fall!  Do you notice you are sadder in the winter months?  Do you experience more social withdrawal, irritability, or less enjoyment in winter?  If so, is this a pattern in your life?  The American Psychiatric Association explains […]

Why Should Parents Get Involved in Your Teen’s Therapy?

We have learned that true and influential change comes from numerous helping hands. Want to know how you can help in your teen’s journey through therapy? Here’s a few tips we have for parents that want to be more involved without overstepping boundaries. 1. You are with your teen WAY MORE than the therapist is. […]

What is Self-Gaslighting?

1. Blaming yourself for not “handling things better” … Without acknowledging all the difficulties or challenges you’re facing and the strength it takes to survive them. 2. Criticizing yourself for being too emotional or disregarding a strong feeling and feeling shame… Without checking in on your feelings, the place they come from, or noticing triggers. 3. Shaming yourself […]

Never Been to Therapy Before? Here’s What To Expect

Beginning therapy for the first time can come with many questions, potentially making you feel overwhelmed. Here to help with that are 5 things to expect from a first therapy session. 1. Meet your therapist The therapist-client relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy. Determining whether client and therapist fit is a two-way street. Do you feel […]