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True North Counseling Opens

True North Counseling, a New Therapy Practice Dedicated to Helping Struggling Teens and Their Families, Opens Doors in Louisville, Kentucky True North Counseling derives its name from the common saying “true north”. The term is defined as “the place where one is at peace with themselves and others.” The mission of the therapists at True […]

Body-Mind Connection

I remember sitting in the conference room during college; maybe February 1980. I know, I’m ancient. But the speaker made this point. Our bodies and our minds are so closely connected that they catch each other’s diseases. Today we call it the body-mind connection. The practical application of this statement is that you can affect […]

Easy Does It!

It disturbs me when I hear clients tell about previous therapy sessions, therapists, or treatment programs that have told them, “This is going to get worse before it gets better!” Certainly, things might get worse, but they don’t have to. We at True North believe in the “easy does it” approach to therapy. As a […]

What is True North?

True North differs from Magnetic North. Basically, it is a fixed point where the latitude lines meet. Magnetic North changes every day. In our lives, we seek out things that will make us happy or hope will make us happy. We discover later, instead, that we are headed in a direction that creates chaos and […]